Do You Want to Use Your Voice to Inspire Positive Change in the World, but Have a Secret Fear of Being Seen and Heard?


Do You Want to Answer the Call to Step Out and Be a Public Speaker, But you don’t know where to start?

Or maybe you fear you have nothing worthwhile to share, or feel you’re just not good enough, and you stay hidden.

You become the world’s best kept secret because you don’t believe in your impact as the inspirational leader you were created to be…


Many emerging Black Women motivational speakers struggle to build the self-esteem, personal power, and belief in themselves to become more visible in the world and to achieve the positive change, success, and financial freedom they desire.

For many women, especially Black Women, this is true.  Especially when it comes to self-image and leadership identity, which are important building blocks of a woman’s self-esteem and confidence


As a result, many women avoid sharing their wisdom on Youtube, speaking up and sharing their ideas with the world, doing media interviews, or pursuing public speaking engagements that could seriously boost their careers.


If you’re not out there, you’re the world’s best kept secret.  And that’s painful.


What’s more, you don’t make the money you desire.  You feel even more powerless and stuck.  Feelings of being not good enough even kick in.  More pain…


In an ideal world, you are so confident and comfortable in your skin that you can’t wait to stand out and lead.  You can’t wait to share your message and your movement.   You can’t wait to inspire the world with your various gifts and talents.


You believe in what you have to offer and express it passionately.  You are ready to take on the world and create positive change.  You are powerful and confident, and you fully accept yourself for who you are.


And when you fully accept yourself, you can step more fully into your authentic power with presence and authority.  You are able to be the influential leader you really are!


You are already good enough!


My name is Pamela Brown, and I can honestly say that I understand the pain of hiding and not being the motivating and inspiring person I pb1was created to be.

I understand the pain and frustration of being pushed into leadership positions, but never having the confidence in myself to be a leader.  I never really believed I had the makings to be a leader.

But I’m here to tell you that you are a leader.  In fact, you’re so powerful but you don’t realize it because you are turning your own power against yourself!

With your strong, impactful words, you are rendering yourself powerless.  But I’m here to help you see your inner perfection, see how powerful you are, and use that power to create positive, meaningful changes in the world.

I want to help you become a motivational speaking rock star!

What is the Outcome of our Transformational Work Together?


As a result of our work together, you will build the courage and confidence to create an impactful motivational speaking business that allows you to do work that you love to do, use talents and gifts that you enjoy, enjoy financial abundance, and make meaningful contributions to society.

You will be ready to share your message with the world.  Are you ready to answer the call to inspire and motivate others to achieve their highest potential?


It’s Up to You to Stand in your Greatness.  You Are Worth It!

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Pamela Brown