Dear Visionary Entrepreneur,

Are you tired of struggling to attract your ideal clients and, as a result, not making the money and impact you know you can make through your business?

If so, then not owning your unique value is likely to blame!  

Money is a reflection of how much you value yourself and understand the unique value that you bring to the world.

So, if you don’t see or honor the value that you have to offer, the doors to money, lasting impact, and fulfillment remain closed.

pb1My name is Pamela Brown, and I help female visionary entrepreneurs, who have experienced challenging difficulties and traumas, to re-claim their own power so they can have the courage and confidence to make great money doing what they love.

My mission is to empower you to transform your pain and challenges into a higher purpose that allows you to be a beacon of light for your clients, and at the same time brings you success, impact, and income.

For too long, you have been striving and surviving, instead of thriving.  

You’re a high-achiever, and you know in your heart that you’re too brilliant to be broke.  This naturally frustrates and angers you.

Deep down, you know you are here to create positive change and make your mark on the world; you know you have a purpose and a vision of how the world could be.

But you’ve been through some experiences that’s left you feeling bruised, broken, and beaten; these difficulties left you feeling powerless, helpless, worthless, inadequate, and insignificant.  They resulted in you not truly knowing who you are or the special value you bring to the world.

Now you want to make a difference in the world because you don’t want anyone else to feel the pain you have felt, but you’re flying with one wing.  You know you have the ability to fly, but you feel as if you are still crawling.

So if you want to claim your desire to make a big difference in the world AND make the income that completely supports you, then it’s time to re-claim your power!  Now is the time to begin your journey to healing and success.


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