Are You a Speaker or Life Coach Who Fear Standing Out and Being Seen, and It’s Affecting How Much Money You Make?


Hello, my name is Pamela Brown, and I am passionate about helping Black Women Entrepreneurs maximize their courage and confidence to lead, succeed, and achieve their highest vision in their business and life.


You want a career of success, significance, and impact; you want to make the kind of income that supports the life you truly desire to live.

However, you are constantly devaluing yourself, and are afraid to step up and let the world know what you’re worth.

You aren’t fully aware of your personal brilliance, so you can’t embrace it, communicate it, or courageously walk in it.

You may doubt yourself and fear other people’s opinions.

You fear being seen- you fear making mistakes, being criticized, failing, and/or even succeeding, so you hide, isolate yourself, and remain the world’s best kept secret because you fear being judged, ignored, or overlooked.

This vicious cycle keeps you safe, but it also keeps you from making the influential, global impact that you want to make in the world.

It keeps you in pain, frustrated, and stuck in a place that limits and stresses you to your core.

Moreover, it keeps you from making the kind of income you want to make!!!

What I Want for You


I want you to feel valued, and understand that you are created perfectly for your purpose.

I want you to be the leader you were created to be in your business by being a changemaker, and build the courage and confidence to step out of your comfort zone and into your spotlight.

I want you to transform the fear and injustice that stops you into the force that propels you to uber success.

I want you to embody your greater purpose and apply it to your life and work and leave a legacy of positive change while generating an empowering income that fully supports your life and lifestyle!


Get Built to Win and Back on the Road to Success and Fulfillment!


You don’t have to remain unhappy in your business; you can build courage and confidence to stand in your greatness and maximize your business success.  You can be built to win, achieve, and thrive!

If you want more success and fulfillment in your business, and the power to create the lifestyle you really want to live, then here is how Pamela Brown Coaching can help…

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You can breakthrough adversity and create the life and business you desire!

Pamela Brown