Have you Lost Your Passion and Drive for Your Business, and It’s Affecting How Much Money You Make?


Hello, my name is Pamela Brown, and I am passionate about helping Black Women Entrepreneurs maximize their courage and confidence to lead, succeed, and achieve their highest vision in their business and life.

My mission is to help speakers, life coaches, and visionaries in business to liberate themselves from the chains that keep them stuck and empower them to breakthrough adversity, embody their greater purpose, and create a money mindset that supports nothing less than their inherent value.

Once upon a time, you were excited about starting your business.  You had a great idea and you couldn’t wait to get started.

But somewhere along the way, because of personal and professional setbacks, injustices and prejudices that exists, lack of meaning in your work, or from your own doubts and fears, you lost your fire and determination to achieve your business goals.

You are unhappy in your business; everything seems meaningless.  You feel as if you are not fully expressing your gifts and talents.  You can almost sense that you are not tapping into your unique personal brilliance.

You are experiencing pain and frustration on a daily basis.  You’re no longer motivated to get started in the mornings.  Your sense of personal significance has dwindled.

And as a result, you are not making the money that you deserve to make, and you are not able to live life on your terms.

Here is what I want for you…


I want you to love who you are, what you do, and how you do it.  I want you to wake up each morning with passion for the work you were meant to do in the world.

I want you to have the courage and inner power to lead your business in making a huge impact in the world, while making a good living doing what you love, and making the mark that only you can make.

Last, but not least, I want to help you to become more mentally tough and stay motivated to achieve your business goals, so that you can create the lifestyle you desire and deserve.


Get Built to Win and Back on the Road to Success and Fulfillment!


You don’t have to remain unhappy in your business; you can re-ignite the fire in your belly and maximize your business success.  You can be built to win, achieve, and thrive!

If you want more success and fulfillment in your business, and the power to create the lifestyle you really want to live, then here is how Pamela Brown Coaching can help…

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You can breakthrough adversity and create the life and business you desire!

Pamela Brown